Our Black Mothers Brave, Bold and Beautiful! acknowledges Matriarchs of African descent. To honor those legions of black mothers from days of slavery to before and beyond, is the least we can do for giving their all and all that they own in their never ending efforts to raise up their children to greatness. The stories within the pages of this anthology are about mothers from all walks of life, from various generations, and from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds who all share one common denominator: a legacy that must be revealed….

Words within this anthology will ignite, enlighten and empower! Our hope is that you will be so inclined and deeply inspired to spread the word that the legacies of our Black Mothers, Brave, Bold and Beautiful must be heard in homes, churches, classrooms, boardrooms, colleges, local communities and around the globe for generations to come!


Anita-Roystonj-vanderpoolDear Writers,

Thank you for your stories that will live on beyond us, as an important part of history. Please share with everyone you know that there is a powerful anthology by
Joslyn Gaines Vanderpool and Anita McGee Royston, with contributing writers ranging from Africa to America, who have also shared their incredible stories about black matriarchs of African descent.

 We will keep you apprised of the upcoming events. For now, please spread the word that the legacies of Our Black Mothers–Brave, Bold and Beautiful must be preserved, read and heard!!!

Living Bravely, Boldy and Beautifully,

Joslyn Gaines Vanderpool and Anita Royston

Creators, Brave,Bold & Beautiful Book Series