What our readers are saying about our books:

“As a little girl I would crawl down the hallway of our home on my belly in search of nuggets. Completely still, and with bubbling excitement of the knowledge and wisdom to come coupled with the fear of being caught. The nuggets I search of were not edible for the belly, but for the spirit and soul. These nuggets I found nestled within the conversations of the women my mother would talk with over the phone. Here in the stories and conversations of “Our Black Mothers: Brave, Bold and Beautiful”, are etched in the lives of these women definitions of love, struggle, family, loneliness, forgiveness and womanhood, gold nuggets, just to name few. Our Black Mothers: Brave, Bold and Beautiful,” conjured up that little girl inside of me and I experienced all over again, the same awe and excitement of the stories within this masterful compilation of stories.”  –Audrea Williams, MotherWit Magazine
“This collection of writings deserves to be widely read….an introduction to remarkable women,
ordinary yet extraordinary such as my mother. Brave Bold and Beautiful! ” Donna L Waddell