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BMBBB1Our Black Mothers: Brave, Bold & Beautiful!
by Joslyn Gaines Vanderpool & Anita Royston
Our Black Mothers Brave, Bold and Beautiful! acknowledges Matriarchs of African descent. To honor those legions of black mothers from days of slavery to before and beyond, is the least we can do for giving their all and all that they own in their never ending efforts to raise up their children to greatness. The stories within the pages of this anthology are about mothers from all walks of life, from various generations, and from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds who all share one common denominator: a legacy that must be revealed….

Words within this anthology will ignite, enlighten and empower! Our hope is that you will be so inclined and deeply inspired to spread the word that the legacies of our Black Mothers, Brave, Bold and Beautiful must be heard in homes, churches, classrooms, boardrooms, colleges, local communities and around the globe for generations to come!


Our-Black-FathersOur Black Fathers: Brave, Bold & Beautiful!

by Joslyn Gaines Vanderpool & Anita Mcgee Royston
$14.95 (Paperback)
Our Black Fathers: Brave, Bold and Beautiful! ” Is simply a magnificent compilation of some of the most absorbing and readable stories of Black fathers on the planet… (Richard A. Rowe, President and founder of the African-American Male Leadership Institute) Our Black Fathers: Brave, Bold and Beautiful! is a compelling 363 page anthology heralding the true lives and legacies of patriarchs of African descent that screams out…’Read me, and hear this truth: Loving, caring Black fathers have been present since the advent of time!’ Created by Joslyn Gaines Vanderpool and Anita Royston, Our Black Fathers inspires and impacts everyone regardless of race, nationality, marital status or social station. It touches readers who root for the unfairly disenfranchised, disrespected, disregarded and marginalized. Sixty-one positive and empowering stories and poems by amazing contributors throughout the United States and Africa chronicle the triumphant march of Black fathers despite racial oppression, human frailties, hardships and setbacks. No other book of this scope and magnitude documents the positive influence of Black fatherhood, and refutes the false stereotype assigned to Black fathers as absent and unaccountable. Our Black Fathers also explodes such hackneyed myths in page after page of simple, powerful, poignant, raw and real truths that humanize Black patriarchs and salutes their love. This book is an inside look at a reality long neglected and a ‘must read’ for families, students, social scientists and all interested in a balanced understanding of the incalculable positive contributions Black fathers provide to their children and their communities.


|GreenWoodGreenwood and Archer

by Jacqueline Lee Mcgee
$14.95 (Paperback)


Jacqueline McGee has produced a work that gently uncovers one of many bitter truths of the forgotten and embarassing Historical accounts of America which was later known as The Black Holocaust in Tulsa Oklahoma 1921. With masterful skill this High School teacher makes the bitter truth bareable by presenting it in the form of a Historical Romance Novel.Greenwood and Archer is not just another Romance novel. The way she tells this embarrssing bitter truth in our American history makes Greenwood and Archer a Must Read. This will be the most interesting and creative book you will read in a long time.The significance of this atrocity was memorialized by the GAP band whose initials stand for the affluent black community that was bombed and burned down,Greenwood Archer and Pine.It is chilling and engaging, entertaining and educational. Greenwood and Archer will keep its audience not just reading but thinking.Join her Fictional characters Annie Spann and Buddy Callingsworth as they travel through mystery, murder, intrigue, racism and romance.